8 SEO Reasons Your Business Should Have Blog

Blogging may not seem like it would be super helpful in building your business. But actually, having a blog for your online business can help develop that audience in multiple ways

Here are 8 SEO Reasons Your Business Should Have Blog

  1. Gain More Exposure for Your Business

A company blog that is full of helpful, relevant content increases your opportunities to possible business partners meet sales prospects and future employees. Someone may find your blog content through a search on Google; perhaps an industry peer shared your blog post on LinkedIn. Ultimately, by creating high content that people want to save and share, you can put your brand in front of scores of new people.

  1. Get More Leads

By starting a blog, you can drive more traffic to your website and get more leads. Research shows that businesses that blog get 55% more traffic. They also generate four times as many leads

  1. Improve Search Engine Visibility

Blogging offers a variety of search engine optimization (SEO) benefits. People and search engines both favor fresh content. It demonstrates relevance.

You can also improve your rankings in search results. If you have a page on your site that talks about blue widgets. As you blog about blue widgets, you add more content to your site that incorporates that target keyword.

You can also start to incorporate related keyword phrases (e.g., blue widget maintenance), which can help you expand your reach and target additional search traffic.

Awesome blog content can also help you gain links as people share your content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites. Google and other search engines are starting to look at social media signals in their ranking algorithms.

  1. A Blog Is a Hub for Your Brand

Utilizing social media is essential to building your audience and customer base. But having a Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr account, for example, is a lot of moving parts. A blog provides a home for links to all your social media, your online shop, information about you, links to any other projects you’re doing, etc. It’s a great way to keep the brand extra consistent by bringing everything together in one place.

  1.  Long Term Exposure

A tweet or Instagram post can get popular when it’s first posted. But as time goes on, it becomes harder to find and, on these oh-so “at the moment” social media outlets, posts get lost in time and fading relevance.

Blog posts, however, can keep gaining traction. If you post a blog post that gets a good amount of views in the first few days, basically search engines will recognize it as a post that did well and will have it higher in search rankings. It will be easier to find and can gain popularity as time goes on especially “evergreen” posts, or posts that are lasting and don’t fall out of popularity or relevance.

  1. Guest Blog or Team Up with Someone

When you write a guest blog post for another blog in your niche’s interest, not only is it exposure for you on their blog – you get to tap into their audience as well if they share the post through their channels.

Similarly, if you do, say, an interview with someone in your niche’s interest on your blog, not only will people searching their name be able to find your blog post (not to mention, people in your niche will want to share it if it’s a cool interview), but if the interviewee pushes it through their social channels, you get the added benefit of getting exposure with their audience.

  1. It Acts as A Portfolio

Posting blog posts featuring art you do for fun or projects separate from your shop is a great way to promote your art and style without trying to sell it.

  1. A Blog Puts a Personality to Your Brand

Having a blog and a longer-form way of writing posts gets your personality across better than 140 characters and hashtags can. People get to know you and your cool art rather than just seeing you as a living ad.


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